Friday, July 24, 2015

GSoC 2015 Report #3 - New GPG library for Python is ready!

Hi people,

GnomeKeysign now has a new library that can call GnuPG from Python.

This was a key point in making GnomeKeysign to be 'Gnome ready' because our previous gpg library made the project less distributable and it also used GTK2.

The library is using pygpgme to interact with gnupg and aside from what pygpgme does, it also offers some important functionality for us like

  • set up temporary context objects (like keyrings) which don't mess with user's gnupg home
  • import keys from Unicode data that we receive over network
  • sign only a specific UID of a key in order to email back the key signed to that UID
  • sign and encrypt keydata that is going to be sent as email attachment back to the key owner
  • helper functions which allows to export keydata, to extract fingerprint of a key, to format a key such that it will be displayed in the GUI

Of course it will take a few weeks to refine this library, but I'm very optimistic that in the end people could use it if they ever want to work with GnuPG from Python.

I had to overcome some limitations in pygpgme but I'm glad that I managed to do this.

I'm happy to come to GUADEC again this year, after I was the first time in 2014
Thanks GNOME for sponsoring me!

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